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Content & Design – Comparing Packages

ZolMedia’s Premium Z-Start Package includes more content development and custom design options than the Basic Package.

Content Development

Basic Z-Start Package:

ZolMedia will add 10-15 pages to your website’s content management system. Staff will add pre-prepared content (including up to 3 photos/page). No editing, web structuring or search engine optimization will be done. Your 1 hour training will include instruction on how to edit content.

Premium Z-Start Package:

ZolMedia will conduct a content meeting to review existing content, identify remaining needs and organization.

ZolMedia will edit and repurpose existing content for the web, following proven methods and research to maximize each page’s key messages. ZolMedia will then integrate this content into your website’s 10-15 pages.

Following editing and integration, ZolMedia will optimize your content (including photos) for usability and search engines.

Part of the premium package’s architectural search engine optimization, ZolMedia will identify and integrate key search engine phrases into the site’s URLs, page titles, headers and meta descriptions.

Design Development

Basic Package:

ZolMedia will build a basic page design using your preferred menu layout (left or top align), and integrate a company logo and preferred color options. Client can request 1 additional pass at logo and color integration if initial design is not desired. Header image, background colors and font-styles will be limited to the basic template options.

Premium Z-Start Package:

Clients will meet with ZolMedia’s lead designer to discuss design preferences and the overall vision of the project. In addition to integrating a company logo and color preferences, ZolMedia will create a unique look for your website, including the creation of complete custom header image.

Other elements available for customization in the Premium Z-Start package: Background images or colors, web-safe font styles and colors, custom favicon images and menu colors.

Clients will be given an intial concept to approve and/or request additional design features. Client can request up to 2 additional design revisions following the approval on initial concept.

Requirements for submitting content

The timeframe for getting your website completed depends on how quickly you complete the following tasks. With the Basic Z-Start package, work on the site does not begin until all existing page content, logos and color prefences are submitted to ZolMedia.

Customer is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Sign ZolMedia agreement, contract and choose payment option
  • Have all existing content ready to publish for each page:
    • Text: Email or provide disc or flash drive of content in Office or text documents with clear indication of which web page to add content
  • Provide images to publish for each page
    • Format: Email, CD or flash drive in .jpg or .png format
    • File names should be without spaces listing its desired page followed by 1-2 word description of photo: pagename-picturename.jpg (Ex. Home-storewindow.jpg)


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