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Please review our recent work to see if the Z-Start website package and design style will be a good fit for you. As you can see below, each website has its own unique look and feel.

When you purchase an affordable Z-Start package, you tell us what kind of design you’re looking for (including colors, style, and more), and we’ll customize a design to match what you’re looking for you.

If you want an original design customized from scratch, we can add that service to your Z-Start package. Most of our clients end up with a personalized design they like without having to add an original custom design service.

Monarch Custom Homes - Website by ZolMedia Web Design

Affordable Web Design - Monarch Custom Homes

Monarch Custom Homes

In desperate need of a fresh look, the owners of Monarch Development came to ZolMedia for an elegant, photo-centric website that would treat its custom home designs like celebrated works of art. Moreover, Monarch needed a website that could showcase hundreds of design photos and concepts, all while emphasizing affordability.

With existing homes and plots for sale in North Idaho, galleries of previous designs, awards, local announcements and client testimonials, Monarch needed an expansive web solution with a number of special features and design elements.

The Z-Start package allowed for everything.

ZolMedia Services

  • Z-Start Website Management System
  • Custom Design
  • Multiple category, easy-to-update Photo Gallery
  • Home Page Menu Photo Rotator
  • Announcements Blog
  • File manager for floorplans, photos, plot layouts
  • Large-scale, fast-load image display

Launched: October 2010
See for yourself: www.MonarchCustomHomes.com

LLL Talent Home - Web Design by ZolMedia

North Idaho Web Design - LLL Talent

LLL Talent Agency

Representing hundreds of actors and extras around the Inland Northwest, LLL Talent Agency needed a website that could showcase its talent to industry professionals in an easy-to-update visual database.

Many actors and actresses have multiple headshots, and LLL Talent needed a way to display them all alongside resumes — in a way that didn’t discourage visitors from checking out every entry.

ZolMedia Services

  • Z-Start Website Management System
  • Custom Design
  • Talent Directories for Actors, Actresses, Teen and Kid Talent and Extras
  • Multiple headshot gallery display
  • Easy-access resume attached to each gallery entry
  • Featured Talent Custom Home Page Component
  • Online Application Form
  • Easy talent database backend management
  • Multiple categorizing options

Launched: October 2010
See for yourself: www.LLLTalent.com

Health Actuary Search - Coeur d'Alene Web Design

Coeur d'Alene Web Design - Health Actuary Search

Health Actuary Search

The new Health Actuary Search (HAS) began with the need for a simple content management system switch. They needed to make quick changes, and their previous system wouldn’t allow for it.

Learning more about the Z-Start package capabilities, HAS then opted for a redesign. Then they needed a better tool for managing actuarial job postings. Then a new contact and application form. Then a complete restructuring of the Job Search function.

Encouraged by the results, Health Actuary Search is now participating in a customized online marketing package.

ZolMedia Services

  • Transfer to ZolMedia’s user-friendly Content Management System
  • Redesign
  • Post a Job function with customized fields
  • Candidate registration/contact form
  • Multiple category job postings and directory
  • Online application form
  • Content Development
  • ZolMedia Marketing Package

Launched: October 2010
See for yourself: www.HealthActuarySearch.com

Jobs Plus - North Idaho Web Design by ZolMedia

Free Non-Profit Website - Jobs Plus Coeur d'Alene

Jobs Plus
Coeur d’Alene Economic Development

Jobs Plus is a non-profit organization in Coeur d’Alene that helps existing companies relocate or expand to northern Idaho. For that reason, Jobs Plus organizers needed a website that provides the most useful information about the area in a way that was well-organized and appealing to out-of-staters.

With pages of existing content, brochures and locally-produced video, Jobs Plus needed to form an online message that worked alongside its other campaigns. Most of all, Jobs Plus needed a website that didn’t look like it was made 10 years ago (something that can happen in as little as 2-3 years).

ZolMedia Services

  • Z-Start Website Management System
  • Custom Design
  • Content Development & Copywriting
  • Video and Photo Integration
  • Intuitive access to other local organizations, employers and resources

Launched: August 2010
See for yourself: www.JobsPlusOnline.org

Jimmys Down the Street - Coeur d'Alene Web Design

Affordable North Idaho Websites - Jimmys Down the Street

Jimmy’s Down the Street Restaurant

Weeks away from an appearance on the nationally televised Food Network program “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives,” Jimmy’s restaurant in downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho needed a dynamic-looking website that would entice viewers of the show to go online and check out the menu.

Emphasizing its Made from Scratch home cooking and Southern Flavors, Jimmy’s wanted a rustic, country-comfort design that connected with its North Idaho clientele. Jimmy’s also needed a photo gallery to show off enticing breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

ZolMedia Services:

  • Z-Start Website Management System
  • Custom design
  • Content development & copywriting
  • Online menus
  • Instant-update photo gallery
  • Quick-edit “Specials” capability
  • Coming Soon: Jimmy’s Merchandise Sales

Launched: September 2010
See for yourself: www.JimmysDownTheStreet.com

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